Saturday, December 29, 2007

We made it

Well, we made it through another Christmas. We somehow managed to get a tree two days before Christmas. See, we went to Wal-Mart, closest to our house, as that's where we'd seen the tree we wanted. All they had left were a few boxes of huge $200 trees that were completely mangled. I mean, it looked like someone seriously molested these tree boxes. Okay, next store.

We went to two other stores before finding a 7 foot unlit tree that we both liked. Except, they didn't have anymore in boxes. All that was left was the display. And since they said that there was still time to order us one (uh huh...4pm on December 23rd), they couldn't sell us the floor model. They did track down another store that had one though. So we went driving in search of this other store.

On the way there, I remarked to my husband that there was a Wal-Mart near the Sears that we were headed to. We decided to stop there first "just in case". We walked in the door to Wal-Mart and there it was. Our tree. 7.5 feet tall, unlit and only $55. It was $100 less than the one at Sears. You bet your hiney we bought that one. Sadly, Wal-Mart's selection of lights and ornaments had been throughly picked over by then.

The next day, my daughter and I trekked to Michaels (in the snow) and found all their Christmas stuff 50-70% off! Yeah, I spent way too much money. The funny thing is, I walked into a craft store, spent a fortune, and didn't buy one single item of yarn or knitting notion. I think I'm getting sick.

That night, all 4 of us put up the tree. It came out much better than I expected it to, given the short amount of time we had. But, since we put it up late, we decided it's going to stay up a little longer than normal. Next year we'll be better prepared.

Oh and I finished the set of Fetching I was working on. I haven't taken a picture of the two of them yet, as they still need to be blocked, but just finishing them was an accomplishment. I got the the thumb part of the second on and literally put it down for almost a week. It was like something was stopping me from actually having a finished object.

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Lady Violet said...

i think i have the exact same problem! it's almost like i'm afraid to finish anything. it's not like the world's going to cave in or anything. i've been wondering about it a lot lately.
your tree looks really good! that was a great deal you got.