Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pitter patter

Yes, little feet. I put down the blanket for a few days to work on finishing the socks I started at Christmas. The main reason I'd stopped working on them, is the pattern called for working on 5 dpns and I only had 4 of the size required. So, I had to wait until I could go buy another package. Hehe, now I have 8!

The socks knit up very quickly, but right away, I could see some problems. See, the yarn I was using didn't have a ball band. I had no idea what weight it was, the manufacturer, the fiber content, nothing. But I wanted pink baby socks, and by golly, pink baby socks I was going to get.

I had a suspicion that it was cotton yarn, which was perfectly okay. The socks ended up looking too big in the cuff, and too small in the foot part. But, it was my first pair of socks ever, so I was happy. Then, while I was searching my smal stash, I found a ball of Rowan Cotton. The weight, texture, and everything else about the ball I made the socks out of matched this Rowan I had found. So, I'm thinking they're like family or something.

The thing is, the Rowan was worsted weight and the pattern asked for DK weight. Okay, so lesson learned this time. I have a ball of DK in acrylic, which I wouldn't mind making up into another pair of socks. I'd like to get some wool or other natural fiber to make other pairs of socks with, but that'll have to wait a little bit. For now, I'm going to rejoice in my first ever pair of socks.


JL said...

Keep on knitting, it will takes the discomfort off ....

Julie said...

too cute. Post a pic of your bliss blanket, I'd love to see your progress!

...dotty... said...

Yes.......that's the attitude !

You go, girl !