Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2am ramblings

It's 2 am...well 2:26 to be more precise. I'm still up. I figured I'd be in bed by now. But...there was laundry to fold (crud, the towels are still in the dryer), knitting to do (got 2 more pattern repeats done, 16 to go!), and a bit of wool that was dyed today to be re-skeined.

I took what I had left of Patons natural (maybe a little less than half a skein) and dyed it in the crock pot with 2 packets of Tropical Punch Kool-aid and about a teaspoon of Wilton's sky blue. The result :

I'm hoping it's enough for a pair of newborn shorties, or a soaker at the very least.

My brain doesn't seem to realize that the rest of me is still awake. I'm pretty sure it's already upstairs and fast asleep. I think I'll let the rest of me go join it.

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