Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cloth diapers

I love my cloth diapers. I really do. I love the fact that cloth diapers cost less than Pampers. I love that my babies rarely ever have a diaper rash. I love making my own diapers and placing something that I sewed myself on my baby's bottom. I don't mind washing the diapers, it's a part of life.

Let's stop for a moment. People have asked me about this part of the cloth diapering process. They say "but what about the poo, isn't it gross to wash it?" Um...well kind of, but I do it. I mean, when you're teaching a child how to use the big person toilet, and they have accidents in their clothing, do you throw out the clothes they were wearing that got poo on them? Do you throw out clothes that got messy when a disposable diaper leaked? I don't. I don't have enough money to be replacing clothes just because they got a little poo on them.

And don't tell me you've never been poo'd on by a baby that belongs to you. Like spit up...it happens.

Back to the cloth. I have this obsession. It's called Ooga. My Ooga obsession started innocently enough...I bought a yard of fabric with these cute little red and green monsters all over it (pictured all the way to the left). Over the next year, I got more as new colours were introduced. Last night, 2 more colours arrived in the mail and are in the wash as we speak...blue / brown, and a Halloween orange, black, and yellow.

Andrew gave me this "look" as I was lovingly petting calmly going through my packages. It was then that he told me I wasn't allowed to buy any more of this fabric until I sewed up what I already had. And that right there is my problem. I love this fabric too much to cut into it. But won't I love it just as much on my babies as I love it sitting neatly folded in my fabric stash? Because really...if I sew it, then I can see it every time one of my babies are wearing something I made them from it. But...then it'll be gone! I'll have used it up and I won't have anymore to lovingly pet have sitting in my fabric pile.

Oh but wait...if I sew with it, I can buy more colours! Oh yeah, and I still have one more colour coming (pink / brown) and some that have been laminated....for making diapers of course.

And I DID sew with it btw...

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