Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's good to have goals. I find sometimes though that putting out a list of things I need to do can do one of two things. Either motivate me, or overwhelm me. Here's today's list...let's see what happens with it.

  1. FOM diaper for a diva
  2. Apply eyelets to the costume
  3. Hoodies for Emily and Tristan
  4. flannel jammies for Tristan
  5. Charlie Tee Hoodie (4T) for the neighbor
  • need to trace out 4T pattern
  • cut out fabric

Anything missing from the list? Oh yeah...packing. See...we're moving next week. A week from today in fact. And not a single thing has been packed away. Baby clothes need to be sorted. There's this mountain of laundry in the basement that has been there for almost a year waiting for someone to sort it into what fits and what doesn't. Why haven't I done it? Because it's a huge job. No one else around here seems to be interested in doing it, and on top of everything else I do around here, add that would just be too much.

This weekend I think, everyone is going to pitch in, roll up their sleeves and get to sorting and packing.

Before I go, here's a few pictures of the hoodie I made yesterday and the costume's progress up till now.

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